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This Blog is for setting up new trends in the market for Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter collection. I will provide all the details of purchase so that anyone can get the same from the shops and rock in usual way!!!!!!


Why mom🌑??????? And i m beautiful🌕️

I remember, my beautiful childhood days and the care of my mom and grandma. As i use to go on bed, my mother use to cover my face with a layer of milk cream and i use to hate it..the smell..oh my god.😕

But trust me when i never faced winter issues,no cracked ,chapped skin. 😃

Now,i apply milk cream with a pinch of turmeric, (rose water is optional, to avoid the smell and its good for skin glow) sometimes over night or for an hour and wash it with lukewarm water. Then i feel soft the concept of dove..its not a soap but milk cream😋

Another free tip..take hot, not very hot🤒malai or milk cream and apply it on your lips..see the difference in few days. If u have kids at home, give this care like of my mom. The skin will glow forever.

Winters..worst for hair and skin

As it comes..i m lost in the care🤓

Apply glycerine,rosewater and lemon juice on ur skin every night before going to bed. Coconut oil is optional..i do use..twice a day, after bath and before going on bed.

Winters are worst for lips too,keep a boroline tube or a lip guard for whole day to avoid chapped lips..keep it moist and soft.

Apply olive oil,coconut oil or any good moisturiser on ur body after u take bath ,because hot water reduces moisture from the skin.

Apply lemon juice on ur scalp before shampoo(10mins) to avoid dandruff.

My easy tips will help u surely to rock in this winter too.

Keeep fittttt.


Home made kajal♥❤♥

Place the burning diya with castor oil in between two bowls and a plate over it .
After 15 mins⏳⌛

You will find soot is collected at the bottom of the plate which looks like this.

Add cow ghee to it, and apply. People say its harmful, u may also dont like to apply but I do..My Grand Ma use to do this for me when i was a baby, keeping my eyes beautiful.. and a small kala tika on my protect me….rituals and affections.♥😘♥
💣💥Every diwali my mother or grand ma use to make kajal at night,The kajal,being emenating from the wick of a sanctified lamp is said to protect,especially the eyes which cause 👹“Buri Nazar” to affect the individual..(as told by elders to us)… its one’s own choice to believe it or not.. but it’s a fun for me to put that kajal and i loved it ,adding camphor to it..may b bcz i love ayurved and home made things. 

Warning😊I have made and applied it ,if u r worried..dont make it..😃



Rajasthan is colourful, vibrant, hot😉

I love the ghagra choli, turban of the state,.Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions,it is famous for textiles, semi-precious stones and handicrafts, and for its traditional and colorful art. 

Seen a few dresses online, get vibrant, colourful this Navratri. Order if u like Rajasthani pattern.Try ghagra choli once.Its not very expensive to buy, u can use its dupatta with ur salwar suits, blouse with ur saree and ghagra as skirt and tops..when bored of ghagra choli.😢 (link for Amazon)

Be Rajasthani this Navratri😊


always b comfortable😊

i always feel very comfortable when i m in jeans, i wear only those dress that keeps me happy, that just let me be myself,comforts and gives me confidence.

if u r not very tall,or medium heighted, wear jeans like this ,i m wearing ,with a short top or tuck in, shrugs adds to it.

loved to be in this get up, especially when travelling and shopping. 

if u r healthy ,shrugs will hide it. these days very in.. street shopping or in show rooms.

buy the one Alia bhatt wearing in badrinath ki dulhaniya. i loved the style😍

its cool😄😍


happy friendship day 💐🎂

my best friend is this nature.. flowers,sun, sky, butterfly..they teach me, guide me about purity, simplicity,happiness, naturality. 

Nature gives me smile,joy, cheerfulness.

Start your day with them.. peep out from window to the sun, sky,flowers, sky.. smile cherish, feel fresh and happy.💐☀🌻🌷⭐🌾🌙💧🌈

hands care.

always try to keep your nails clean, transparent, trimmed ,shaped.

hand care is also important,as we care for our face. 

we try to shine our face,apply make up, put layers to look fair but as eyes go on the hands, its like ugly, dull, black, tanned or not at all maintained.

when u r apply some scrub, pack or taking any care of your face, dont ignore your hands and nails.

once a week keep our hands in lukewarm water, add something u have easily available at home, like shampoo, salt, lemon juice, if u have hydrogen peroxide,add few drop of it, soak your hand, clean your nails with a small toothbrush, trim and shape up with a nail cutter, you can do little scrubbing on your full hand by sugar,this will give shine to it. rub the lemon you used on your elbow, it helps to whitened the dark elbow, knees aswell.

soaking ur hands in hot water (add salt) will give you relief from pain too. 

i heard keeping your nails in lukewarm water to cold water, helps in nail growth too.

use towel to dry our hands and put any thing to moisture your hand, moisturizer, coconut oil, olive oil. if u want to grow your nails use olive oil.

u will see your hands are clean, soft and u will feel relief. do this for your painful legs too, if u want for grooming add on few things, or just hot water and salt to feel relief yourself. 

when you are moisturising your hand or leg after this, do little massage,press your hands, legs, your fingers, you will be relaxed.

the tips i told u will increase with nail growth, clean your hands,legs, remove dead skin, moisture ur skin,whitened ur dark elbows n knees..relief u aswell

if u r lazy just soak your hands and legs in salt and hot water. sit and apply oil or moisturizer.. u r done..or go to saloon, parlour and get it done.
these small pampering is always required for your body not just for care but also to be far from stress and trust me u will feel like sleeping and will be boastup your senses

be beautiful.


Nourish your mind,body and soul❤👸⭐

I have a cute little bag..its my magical bag..bcz it has miracles for me in it.. i keep this all the time on bed..every night it starts its work as i open it for 4-5 mins

I don’t have extra time for take care of skin and hair.. actually no one is free in this fast life for all this. We only take short cuts.. hair dyes, hair colour for greying, anti wrinkles cream, skin whitener cream, compact, make up ,foundations for skin. 

But we have 6-7 hours for strongest and natural therapies. We are ready to sit in a saloon for hair colour and dyes but not for its actual care. Trust me once a hair dye..always a hair dye. 

Keep a bag on your bed..put few bottles in it. They will treat ur skin and body overnight..magically.

⚪make one bottle for glycerin,rose water,lemon juice apply this on ur face n body,as u r on bed for sleep, if u want good complexion and glow

⚪ a bottle of coconut oil with vitamin E capsule..if u are not comfortable with glycerin. (If u will castor oil in it ,it will help for ur hair too, eyebrows and eyelashes). apply on your skin and sleep.

OR⚪ one boroline tube or boroplus for your heels,lips, or for chapped dry abraded skin.

OR⚪ just a aloe vera tube, apply on ur skin and hair aswell.

keep these things near u when u r on bed..u will heal ur chapped skin, heels, lips,improve your complexion, nourish our hair, body and sleep relaxed. In a month u will feel u r healed up ur issues over night,i r glowing naturally, u r getting longlasting beauty and healthy,shining skin and hair and u will feel your soul is also nourished.

Even if u r lazy u did nothing.. just lying on bed and treated yourself 4- 5 mins daily. 

Drink water as much u can. Happy care!

nourishment of hair,body and soul by overnight magic!